The amount of joy and self-fulfillment we feel grows when we put our best effort and be all we can be at every stage of our life.

Letting Go and Accepting What Is

Expectations are problematic when we set them too high  and they are not met. When we let go of these high expectations and accept what is, we can focus on creating positivity within us and around us.

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Meditation is Best in Nature

There is an abundance of research on the health benefits of meditation. When you practice meditation in nature, you gain benefits such as reduced blood pressure and heart rate, less muscle tension and a decrease in production of stress hormones.

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A Message about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We want to keep you updated on the status of the virus on our campus, which we share with the Masonic Homes of California.

During this time, visitors will only be allowed into the lobby of Acacia Creek, and must follow all guidelines in our Visitor Policy during the COVID-19 outbreak.