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The Joy of Living Your Best Life

The amount of joy and self-fulfillment we feel grows when we put our best effort to be all we can be at every stage of our life. It starts by embracing the truth of who we really are without fear of judgment and by aligning our words and actions to our values and beliefs. We may have to forgive ourselves for past actions, trusting that we were doing our best with the knowledge and abilities we had. At Acacia Creek, we believe living our best life involves staying connected to the present and not letting our past dictate who we are and what we can do. As per our Successful Aging values, it is necessary to remain curious, in order to expand your knowledge and abilities, but always stay connected to your purpose and maintain strong relationships where you feel supported.

Our best life starts with telling ourselves the truth about what our purpose is. Our purpose and goals—and even the process of achieving those goals—changes throughout life. We sometimes stand in our own way because of our beliefs and our comfort level. We challenge those beliefs when we step out of our comfort zone to learn new things and accept that we’re not perfect. Missteps are part of life and they give us valuable information that helps us on our path of growth and self-discovery. It is not helpful to hold on to mistakes; instead focus on staying aligned with core values. Having a clear set of standards to live by helps us align our words and actions to our values. Being able to humbly step back and look at where we are can help us build trust in our intuition. By stepping back, we can reflect, shift our priorities where needed, and let go of unneeded expectations. This can make us feel vulnerable, but it serves our best interests.

Next, approach everything through the of lens curiosity. Become an explorer, feel your way through the twists and turns of life’s journey! Start with the willingness to try new things and connect it back to your own unique purpose, or perhaps discover a new purpose. You can’t discover where your true passion lies if you stop exploring more of who you are and what you enjoy. It is also important to ask for support when needed and to also speak up when you need to express how you feel. Honesty and openness allow us to this.

Living in joy means focusing on what matters, and our social relationships matter a great deal. Life is about experiences and memories, laughter and love, happiness and healing. These things have meaning when shared with a community or people we care about. Our legacy is tied to the lives we touch and the relationships that we build. They are critical for our health and happiness.

What are your unique gifts, the qualities that make you uniquely you? It isn’t about being perfect; it’s about continually sharing with those in your life. When you give of yourself in a way that lifts everyone and everything you touch, including yourself, you increase the amount of joy you experience. It’s not to late to get started! Pay someone a compliment, organize something fun with your friends or surprise a loved one with a gift.


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