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Practicing Mindfulness

A few months ago, someone told me, “We mustn’t let our thoughts control us because while the mind is a great worker, it is also a terrible manager.” This saying felt revolutionary to me, and as I reflected on it more, I saw it as a reminder to stay mindful and to focus on the present and to not let thoughts based on past experiences obscure what is happening in each moment of the day.

At Acacia Creek, a Certified Center for Successful Aging, and retirement community, residents and staff focus on achieving optimal health by growing the whole person – intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually. Mindfulness touches upon all four of these successful aging components, benefitting both the body and mind.

When we are mindful, we are appreciating what is in front of us rather than dwelling on past experiences or worrying about what might happen in the future. Living in the moment means being aware of our thoughts without acting rashly; how we act and not react. Mindfulness gives us more control over our thoughts. It is what gives us a sense of control over our life and gives us a sense of balance.

Becoming mindful takes practice and discipline, but the benefits are great! It reduces stress, blood pressure, and pain levels while boosting our immune system and happiness levels. Mindful people have less depression and more satisfying relationships. When we practice mindfulness, we are more likely to have a positive outlook, see possibilities, and be more confident. I discovered this in my life years ago. Practicing mindfulness helped me become more positive and gave me more control over my life. Being mindful becomes easier with time and practice, but life’s challenges constantly test us. The effort is worth it when a sense of wellbeing is the outcome.

Being mindful about what we want for ourselves is an important step in determining how we want to live. We can discover what motivates us and what we want to ultimately achieve. For many, it is maintaining the wellness we have for as long as possible. We do this by being mindful about the choices we make throughout the day; to exercise or not, to eat dessert or have fruit, to go to a program or watch cable news.

Our fitness campaign “Move for Wellness” is a great opportunity to practice mindfulness. Tracking the time we are physical active throughout the week gives us a clear picture of how much we are really moving. We all choose what’s important to us and how we want to live; why not make those choices mindfully?


Acacia Creek Retirement Community inspires residents to live an active, meaningful life. Our mission as a senior community is to enrich the independence, well-being, and security of our residents through exceptional services and care based on Masonic values.

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