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The amount of joy and self-fulfillment we feel grows when we put our best effort and be all we can be at every stage of our life.

Build and Improve Your Manual Dexterity

It is very important for senior adults to maintain manual dexterity, the ability to use fingers and hands to perform coordinated movements like brushing one’s teeth or holding eating utensils. Here are some ways to improve your hand strength.

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All Movement is Good Movement

Walking can help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent or manage health conditions, strengthen bones and muscles – good for balance and coordination – and boost mood!

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A Message about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We want to keep you updated on the status of the virus on our campus, which we share with the Masonic Homes of California.

During this time, visitors will only be allowed into the lobby of Acacia Creek, and must follow all guidelines in our Visitor Policy during the COVID-19 outbreak.