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Residents of Acacia Creek Retirement Community

Be Bold for Successful Aging

As the only Center for Successful Aging certified by Masterpiece Living in Northern California, Acacia Creek is committed to empowering residents to live life to its fullest—whether that means building new friendships, challenging our intellect, creating new experiences, or strengthening our bodies.

Recently, an Acacia Creek resident shared about the importance of being BOLD as one gets older. It was in the context of bidding big when you have a good hand in bridge, as well as believing you can stretch yourself and manifest something new regardless of your age or physical condition. It is not necessarily about succeeding. Fearlessly trying and not letting self-doubt or limitations stop you from challenging yourself is BOLD.

Being BOLD is about embracing our experiences, wisdom, and unique perspectives to pursue our passions, make a difference, and experience life to the fullest. To help you identify what being BOLD looks like for you, look at what you appreciate and are grateful for. That will help you identify what you value most. Then ask yourself what is really important to you, what do you want more of and what gives you a sense of purpose. Try to clearly identify your passions, values, and aspirations, then try new things. This is how we can create a life that aligns with our true desires.

Being BOLD will look different for everyone. Some of us enjoy leading programs and events at Acacia Creek, so being BOLD might be starting something new. For others, being BOLD is quietly attending a new program or asking questions. Both leaders and attendees are necessary for the community to thrive. We just want you to be satisfied with how you choose to participate. Please think about programs or events you would like to create or participate in. We are working with the Masonic Homes to create new programs and events in 2024. You can be BOLD and try new things at both communities!

Remember to always look beyond your age and physical condition and identify what you want for yourself. This is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. As we grow and change, our desires and priorities may change. Be BOLD and embrace the journey of self-discovery and continuously seek opportunities to learn and grow.

Penny Vittoria
Successful Aging

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