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Acacia Creek Vaccinated Residents and Team Members

Throughout the pandemic, residents and team members of Acacia Creek Retirement Community have been optimistic and resilient. This week, the mood at Acacia Creek was even more optimistic as we vaccinated most residents and staff. Over the course of two days, a 5-person vaccination team from Haller’s Pharmacy in Fremont was on site to administer the Moderna vaccine to over 262 residents and team members.

“It’s so nice knowing all of us here can collectively sigh with relief knowing we are one step closer to peace of mind,” says team member Monica Pelcastre. “The atmosphere has been wonderful all day and we’re definitely enjoying the cheer.”
Residents and team members at the Acacia Creek Retirement Community in Union City did not miss a beat, even throughout the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. It began with residents serenading the world with God Bless America early in the year, and through a myriad of socially-distanced activities throughout the year. Team members worked tirelessly to keep the community safe, and at the same time, creatively worked together with residents on new programs and events that keep our minds, bodies, and souls connected to the things that matter to us.

“The spirit of Acacia Creek has never been stronger,” says President and CEO Chuck Major. “We are grateful to Haller’s Pharmacy and everyone who helped make this possible. We are dedicated to the health and happiness of our community, and this year, which has been so hard on all of us, has really shown how if we work together, we can get through anything.”
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