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Week 5: Home for the Holidays: Send Some Cheer

It’s December—we’re well and truly into the holiday season now, and nearly a week’s worth of advent calendar chocolate is spoken for. But with all the holiday feeling in the air, it’s more important than ever to keep our guard up as the surge in Coronavirus cases spikes nationally and across California. With the Bay Area in the most-restrictive purple tier, the Masonic Homes campus has again gone into lockdown as a protective measure.

That’s why we’re sharing as many ways as possible to stay safe and healthy this month while not missing out on the festive joy that this time of year brings so many. Here’s our latest tip—with a few bonus ideas from the MHC community tacked on for good measure.

Week 5: Send Cheer!

Mail something merry

Missing family and friends? Taking time to put a card or care package in the mail is a sweet way to feel connected—for both sender and recipient. Be smart about visiting the post office, though—lines can get loooong this time of year and we want to minimize contact with others as much as possible. Consider utilizing the Masonic Homes’ P.O. services.

  1. Make your list. Will you attempt a bulk mailing for extended family and friends? Or just one or two packages to loved ones who are isolated during the holidays?
  2. Check it twice. To be on time for the holidays, check mail carrier websites for mail-by dates, and make sure you have all the packing materials you’ll need handy.
  3. Make someone’s holiday. If you’re sending to a big group, consider keeping it simple with just a heartfelt note or homemade ornament. (If you have kids, put their creativity to use!) If you’re only sending to a couple people, try personalizing each package with small items, like festive treats or a seasonal candle, to make the season brighter.

We’ll be back next week with your next tip. Till then, have a healthy and happy weekend!

Staff Picks

The good ideas keep rolling in! This tip comes from Ranshu Malini of the Masonic Homes in Union City:

“Christmas Karaoke: You don’t have to miss out on any spirited singing this year. You can easily create a room on Sync Video, a free, no-sign-up service that lets you precisely sync videos so that every attendant of your virtual Christmas party can watch at the same time. Once your room is open and you have your attendants, you can queue up a bunch of karaoke hits on YouTube and each person can belt out the holiday hits.”

Here’s another from Genesis Orsorno, who wants to infuse an old prank with some communal spirit:

“The holidays are about giving, even throughout this pandemic I feel like it should still be the case. One idea that I had was to do a ding-dong-ditch gift drop-off with friends and family. Ring or knock on the door and leave the gift at the door and leave. When the person opens the door they will be greeted with the gift.”

And one more from Lia Gibson, a brain health education coordinator at the Masonic Homes:

“Have grandparents videotape themselves reading Christmas books to share with their grandchildren!”

Great ideas all. Keep ’em coming!


Other Resources for Staying Healthy

State and local governments are issuing rules for gatherings, and we should abide by them.  For official guidance about staying healthy this holiday season, please visit these sites to stay up-to-date:

For the latest news about the Masonic Homes and COVID-19, including employee policies, visit the Masonic Homes website.

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