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Create Your New Year!

As prepares to greet 2021, I’m filled with hope and ideas about what to create in the new year. These aren’t resolutions to change, more like evolutions; practical actions that I perform for more self-fulfillment. Resolutions usually involve actions we think will benefit us, but don’t always entirely spark our passions. On the other hand, evolutions are actions we perform to explore new opportunities and discover what excites us and brings us joy.

If you’re unsure about what you want to pursue or create, take the time to reflect in the four areas of wellness (social, physical, spiritual, and intellectual). What could your life use more of? What is the first small step will to create it?

The last ten months have put our ability to connect socially to the test, but we’re no stranger to difficulties. If you are feeling disconnected, reach out to your social network. Giving and receiving social support is an important aspect of maintaining our overall wellbeing. Studies show having five people in our inner circle who understand us and offer unconditional support is optimal for maintaining good health.

Our physical activity routines have been interrupted for so long, and some might be noticing new aches and pain due to inactivity. The more hours we sit each day, the higher our risk of metabolic problems. Sitting too much can negatively impact our health and longevity, even if you get the 150 minutes of recommended weekly physical activity. Get up and stroll outside after sitting for longer than one hour.

Our spiritual wellness, or our search for purpose and meaning, have also been challenged this year immensely. Our spiritual being helps us to stay engaged and productive in our lives. Take ten minutes a day in peace and quiet to appreciate three things you are grateful for. The more gratitude we generate, the happier we become. This also helps us cope with our worries and grief.

When it comes to brain health and mental wellness, it’s use it or lose it. Research shows that challenging the brain in new can retain and even enhance most mental abilities. Activities such as puzzles, games, computer brain training, learning new languages, dancing and other structured learning activities can help challenge and improve brain function.

What will you create for yourself in 2021? Our brains are wired to create and when we create anything big or small, we continue to grow. The act of creating in our life supports our resilience and overall well-being. It fulfills us by engaging our purpose and passions. As you greet the New Year, may you engage in the adventure of discovering what will bring you more joy.


Penny Victoria
Successful Aging Coach

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