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Walking in Nature

Walking is one of the simplest forms of physical activity that can be done during this time of physical distancing. Research shows that people display less stress and have more creative thoughts while they are walking. Adults who participate in regular walking increase muscle strength and improve their physical and mental health status while decreasing their risk of chronic disease.

City living with the constant hum of sounds and activity can overwhelm our nervous systems. It’s important for our overall well-being to get outside and let our nervous systems tune in to the rhythms of nature. Studies show being in nature decreases stress, increases our happiness levels and creativity. Hiking and any physical activity can reduce stress and anxiety, and doing those activities in nature boosts the benefits.

Experiencing the beauty of nature increases positive emotions and the sense of being part of something bigger than oneself. It helps us put our worries into perspective. With all of these benefits, it’s probably no surprise that there’s something about being in nature that makes us feel more alive and vital.


Penny Vittoria
Successful Aging Coach

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