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Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle

A balanced lifestyle brings ease and enjoyment to life. It is a crucial part of our successful aging journey, or the the four components of wellness—social, intellectual, physical, and spiritual. We all think and live differently. Our minds and bodies react and respond in their own ways, so there is no right or wrong way to achieve a balanced lifestyle. What is important is knowing what a balanced lifestyle means to you.
That requires self-awareness and effort. Finding and maintaining balance means creating routines that work for us, and sticking with them. When life throws us a curveball and we are thrown off our routine, it can be challenging to rediscover our balance. If you are currently experiencing stress or just feeling lost during this challenging time, you are not alone.
Here are some tips to support a balanced lifestyle—especially during difficult times like the one we’re all living through now:
  • Let go of what is out of your control and master what you can. By staying purposeful and productive, you can accomplish more and avoid frustration.
  • Be mindful of caring for yourself by eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough rest. Avoid activities such as scrolling through social media or watching television for long periods of time.
  • Challenge yourself to some critical thinking activities such as puzzles, computer games, or sudoku. We may not be able to gather with friends at this time, but there are many online games such as Words with Friends that help us stay connected. Explore some fun game options with family and friends.
  • Connect with family and friends every day. These connections are more important than ever. Besides a simple phone call, utilize online resources such as Zoom to see loved ones “in-person,” or take it back to a simpler time by writing letters.
  • Have absolute quiet time each day to unwind. You can do this through creative pursuits, reading, walking in nature, or meditating. This allows us to focus in on that quiet peaceful place inside of us.
When we focus our energy and efforts on creating stability, structure, and simplicity, we can achieve ease and balance regardless of what is happening around us. Start with one new thing you want to do differently in order to improve your current well-being. Once you conquer that one obstacle, find your next one, and then the one after that. Take it one step at a time and soon, you’ll find yourself where you wanted to be all along.
Penny Vittoria
Acacia Creek Successful Aging Coach

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