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New Year of New Action

Starting in 2014, Acacia Creek has participated in New Year, New Action (NYNA). This open house event was created by a resident and team member committee from Acacia Creek and Masonic Homes of California. It features resident-run programs and opportunities to engage everyone in an active, meaningful lifestyle. Resident-led programs are a huge part of our successful aging culture. When residents share their interests with the community, it gives them a greater sense of meaning and purpose, as well as enriching the lives of others with a variety of programs and groups. Residents are indeed our greatest resource. The way residents contribute to the community by getting involved is invaluable.

NYNA gives residents the opportunity to feature their programs and groups. Also, if someone has a desire to do something that isn’t currently on the calendar, NYNA is the ideal time to try out new ideas. After two years of social distancing, we are ready to pull our resources with Masonic Homes and create a greater opportunity to find people who share interests. Also, if you volunteer outside of the community or have in the past, there might be others who would also like to volunteer.

This year NYNA will be our focus in both January and February. During that time, Acacia Creek will create opportunities to intermix with residents of the Masonic Homes and share our interests. It has been far too long since we have been able to gather with our neighbors and share our common interests. We will kick off NYNA on January 13 with a social where we can mix and mingle to reacquaint ourselves and meet new friends. Also, be on the lookout for featured programs and gatherings at both communities for all residents to partake in and share your groups, programs and interests.

I encourage everyone to use the start of a new year to identity the things that make you happy, ponder what you want for yourself in the upcoming year, and think about how you might want to use your creativity. It’s important to identify what makes you happy, gives you a sense of purpose, and stimulates your creativity. These are the activities and creative pursuits that get you up in the morning and have you looking forward something. It could be anything from participating in a sewing group or playing cards with friends, to walking a dog. Having a sense of meaning and purpose has been shown to improve our health and wellbeing.

As we grow, what gives us meaning and purpose will change. I know I have changed over the last three years, and I’ve taken new classes to help me uncover more of what gives my life meaning and purpose. Sometimes we need to shake up our routine and look for something different to do. If you are like me and feel like you want things to be better or different in your life, what are you willing to do to create that difference? Why not try some of the fun things we will be offering and see how taking new actions and creating new habits impacts your well-being? Also, as an Acacia Creek resident reminded me, forgive yourself for not being able to do things you used to do. Just do the best you can with what you have now and be grateful for what you have. Maintaining a positive attitude for our successful aging helps us engage our creativity and try new things.

Penny Vittoria
Successful Aging Coach

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