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Staying Resilient in 2022

Recovering from the effects of the pandemic can be a lengthy process that takes many forms. At Acacia Creek, we believe resilience is a big determining factor in our recovery and in our successful aging journey; focusing on what we have and what is going well helps us move through challenges and bounce back. We can be more resilient when we have meaningful pursuits that we are engaged in, things that give us purpose, engage our passion, and ignite our creativity. Having meaning and purpose empowers us to be more proactive in our lives. This helps us be more flexible and see that we are not alone in how we feel.

For many, the pandemic has been one of the most difficult events we’ve endured in our lives. Recovering for me has been fueled by trying new things, visiting new places, and engaging with people in a deeper way. This also included staying in close contact with the people who I feel are most supportive, as well as being more mindful of treating people how I want to be treated. When we are caught up in our emotions, this can be challenging, but I believe we get from others what we put out, so it is worth the effort to give out kindness and understanding.

Quite often, the biggest opportunities for growth come from the biggest challenges we face. I’ve talked to residents about their personal journeys during the pandemic, and their advice was to focus on what one can control and what makes one happy. The shortages we are facing and the few lingering restrictions are beyond our control so rather than focusing on them, try keeping your focus on how far we have come and how well we protected ourselves as a community. Our low rates of COVID-19 and how well the community has cooperated at Acacia Creek are something for us all to be proud of.

We see individuals at Acacia Creek taking steps to regain their level of engagement and activity. Those who contribute to the programs, groups, and committees are steadily getting things going to keep things lively and stimulating. Hopefully, the experience of the pandemic has increased our appreciation of our family, friends, and the most important things in life. There is a saying, “the best view comes after the hardest climb.” May we all have the wisdom to recognize the joy life presents to us and let go of anything that doesn’t serve our greatest good. Together, we got though the last 26 months, and together we will face the future as a united community.

Penny Vittoria
Successful Aging Coach

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