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See Your Progress with the Masterpiece Reviews

At Acacia Creek, we are proud to be a Masterpiece community, the leaders in successful aging. The company behind the successful aging lifestyle, Masterpiece, was founded on the data from the 10-year MacArthur Foundation study which showed that 70% of how we age physically depends on our lifestyle choices. In other words, healthy longevity isn’t about getting lucky, it’s about staying active, socially, physically, intellectually, and having peace and fulfillment.

In 2016, we became a Certified Center for Successful Aging. For five years, we worked to make Acacia Creek an environment where people could live their best life. This certification was a joint effort of residents and leadership. It reflects our commitment to building a social community, where residents can engage in meaningful and purposeful pursuits.

What also makes our community special is that we have successful aging coaches to help you on your journey using annual reviews. These yearly reviews allow you to gauge areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Masterpiece also uses this data in their ongoing research into longevity and successful aging to further impact public policy and contribute to the greater good.

These reviews initially consist of browsing through weekly lifestyle articles and wellness videos to filling out a survey about your overall health. Then, residents undergo reviews of their physical capability. One component is the mobility review which allows you to compare your balance, endurance, strength, and flexibility to that of your age bracket.

By participating in these annual reviews, you get to review your progress and interpret the data and explore areas of strength and improvement you might want to address. Acacia Creek also offers one-on-one personal training time where you can explore more strategies to improve specific aspects of your mobility.

We can’t control our chronological aging, but we can control how we see ourselves and what we are willing to do to live a better life. Believing that growth and change are possible at any age, is the key to finding ways to adapt and improve one’s wellbeing. By continually assessing and striving to improve our programs and resources, we want everyone to have the opportunity to share their skills, knowledge, and expertise.

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