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Striving for Good is Good Enough

The mission of the successful aging team at Acacia Creek is to educate people about how growth and change is always possible. It is an individual’s belief in their ability to allow growth and change that largely determines their success. By educating residents and team members on the importance of having a positive mindset, Acacia Creek hopes to inspire people to live their lives the best they can. Sometimes living one’s life to the best they can simply involves just having a positive mindset and always striving for improvement in everything do. For those who think they are missing joy and contentment in their life, there is always time to be better; but it does involve growth and change.

It is important to know that growth isn’t an all-or-nothing undertaking. Sometimes, we decide to make a change and stick to our routines better than other times. Remember, doing something is better than doing nothing. It is not about achieving perfect weight, perfect physical fitness, or perfect anything. It is about feeling good about ourselves. Each of us can achieve those rewarding feelings in our own way. We don’t want to judge ourselves or compare ourselves to someone else. When we do our best to feel our best, that is enough.

Take a look at all aspects of your wellness when assessing whether good is good enough. If we don’t feel joy and contentment, we need to decide what to do to improve those feelings. We also need to have confidence in our ability to improve our wellness. This is where a growth mindset comes in. With a growth mindset, we understand there is always something we can do to improve the way we feel or perform. It can be doing something new like going to the gym or learning a new card game, or it can be simply changing your mindset. Several residents who live with chronic pain have said they learned to stop focusing on their pain by engaging in activities that they enjoy. Once they did this, they were able to have a better quality of life. This works with physical or emotional pain. Having a growth mindset means that we can do anything we set our mind on, and this includes deciding when my understanding of “good” is enough for me.

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