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Be Healthy, Be Happy!

How often do you think about being happy? Happy people live longer, stay productive, and are also active citizens in their community according to The World Happiness Report.  For those of you who resilient and easygoing, happiness comes more easily. For others, it may take a conscious effort to ignore negative impulses to achieve more happiness. Many factors can challenge our happiness so by staying socially connected and purposeful can we find our way back to a more positive wellbeing.

It’s obvious that the factors which contribute to happiness are the same factors that contribute to successful aging. One of the major happiness factors is having the support of friends, family, and social networks.  This is why compassionate friendships at Acacia Creek are instrumental in creating a harmonious culture of successful aging. When we have meaningful connections with friends or family, it eases feelings of loneliness and creates a sense of wellbeing.

As humans, we have the need to be useful and involved. Researchers have found that having creative and purposeful work to do is crucial to our wellbeing. At Acacia Creek, we discover that sense of purpose by sharing knowledge and skills.  Residents are encouraged to start hobbyist groups or volunteer for special programs. By giving everyone the same opportunity to share their knowledge and skills, the opportunity to learn something new is vast. Whether leading a club or learning a new hobby, both create a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Data from research shows a correlation between positive mood and a healthy wellbeing.  If you’re after either of them, it’s important to reduce negative feelings like guilt, blame, or anger. Remember, just like laughter, happiness is contagious. Do your best to manufacture happiness in your life and spread it to everyone you come in contact with!


Penny Vittoria
Successful Aging Coach

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