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Live Life in the Blue!

“Blue zones” are areas of the world where the proportion of healthy 90- or 100-year-olds to the overall population is notably high. Locations consist of Okinawa, Sardinia, Costa Rica, Greece and even Loma Linda, California. Residents of these areas are even known to experience significantly less disease than the rest of the world.

Dan Buettner, author of the self-help book “The Blue Zones,” found that the secret to greater health and longevity is in the fundamental values of their cultures. In these blue zones, there is an emphasis on the importance of family and social engagement. In other words, everyone has a valuable role in society regardless of their age. Living with purpose means being engaged in meaningful pursuits that keep people active throughout their life.

Through this concept, Acacia Creek is proud to offer a variety of opportunities and pursuits for residents to maintain or discover their path to meaningful engagement and purpose. Residents are also encouraged to contribute to the community as well. Residents lead travel programs, teach classes, host various live events and games, join special project committees, and much more.

Other Blue Zone characteristics are constant moderate activity, low chronic stress, and eating a majority plant-based diet such as fruits, vegetables, grains, greens, and beans. We know that 70% of how we physically age is based on lifestyle choices, diet, and exercise.  Beyond weight control, focusing on nutrition will boost our immune systems and help us to become more resilient.

By staying active physically and mentally, we grow the successful aging culture at Acacia Creek. One day, maybe we can become a Blue Zone right here in Union City!

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