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Share the Love

This upcoming Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to express our gratitude and affection through small acts of kindness to the people who support us and brighten up our lives. Gratitude and kindness are what makes Acacia Creek more than a community, but a family forged in the Masonic tenet of brotherly love.
In fact, Masons define brotherly love as “regarding the whole human race as one family.” Carrying the spirit of familial love in our hearts has helped sustain us through the pandemic. Residents support and look out for one another, from friendly phone calls to encouraging neighbors to join them on a walk. What we do and how we support others not only builds community, it also increases our sense of purpose and happiness levels.
We must also focus on self-love. Real self-love isn’t about pampering services or things that we buy, it is paying attention to what we really need in all areas of wellness. It is easy to focus on the limitations and feeling of helplessness that the pandemic has imposed on our lives. If you are experiencing this, shift your perspective and find one action you will take to support your overall wellness. Check out what residents have done to improve their well-being.
  • “Since I don’t have access to the gym, I have been doing the classes Yanasa, Dante and Ziv are broadcasting each week and walking everyday to stay active!”
  • “Reading and learning new information requires discipline, but I enjoy it.”
  • “By nature I am an introvert, but I enjoy joining social groups that meet in the hallways.”

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