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Acacia Creek

Always Stay Purposeful

As we navigate the rapidly changing conditions we find ourselves in as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s important that each of us act with prudence—but also with purpose. The hardest part of dealing with isolation and social distancing is the feeling of not being in control. But by focusing on living purposefully and finding creative outlets for connection, we can all regain some semblance of that control, and in the process gain a little more peace of mind.

The foundation of the successful aging philosophy is resilience and the ability to persevere and find purpose in our lives. Our planned campus activities for the coming weeks are on hold, but once we get the all-clear from officials, we will pick up where we left off. In the meantime, I’m looking at all the things I can do to live purposefully. At home, I’ve started spring cleaning and weeding my garden, creating order and controlling what I can in my life. This is how I find positivity in situations that are out of my control. I simply focus on what I can control and accept what I cannot.

Another way to do that is to get outside and enjoy nature. While looking for inspiration for this article, I walked around the Acacia Creek campus and saw several beautiful turkeys, doves, deer, and cows. We’re fortunate here to have so much indescribable nature around us, and getting to reconnect with that was a good reminder to not take those things for granted.

We all still need to connect with friends and family, even if we can’t be with them physically. Personally, I’m doing this through phone calls as well as FaceTime, group text messages, and playing online games like Words with Friends. My family has a group FaceTime chat where we all catch up on each other’s lives and share positive vibes.

As part of the successful aging philosophy, we emphasize being purposeful in our lives and taking control of our situations. Now more than ever, we need to need to take this advice to heart. Instead of focusing on what we can’t do, stay open to discovering what we can do to make us feel happier. Together, we’ll get through this better than ever.

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