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Practicing Emotional Agility

These last few weeks have stirred up a lot of emotions. That’s understandable, but how we handle them is what’s most important. When our emotions are running high, we must remind ourselves to stay collected and patient with ourselves and others. It’s perfectly fine to feel upset during uncertain times. Our emotions are what makes us human. Don’t ignore them; likewise, don’t resort to overthinking and other erratic behaviors.

Emotional agility means owning our emotions, not letting them own us. This ability empowers us to navigate through times like now by facing our emotions and not allowing them to rule our behavior. For many of us, this is difficult to practice. When we’re able to take a step back and identify what emotions we are currently experiencing, we’re able to make decisions and actions that allow us to navigate through a tense situation with the least amount of hurt. It takes courage and practice to do this.

Here are some helpful hints to achieving emotional agility:

  • Pause: Practice deep breathing, count to 100, or whatever gives you the ability to calmly think things through.
  • Acknowledge what you are feeling: Identify the situation at hand at the emotions you are experiencing without taking action yet.
  • Reflect: Think of ways to ease yourself into a calm state of mind.
  • Take action: Do one thing that will help you navigate through your emotions.

From all of us at Acacia Creek, we hope you are staying safe and healthy and we hope to see you all very soon.

Penny Vittoria
Acacia Creek Successful Aging Coach

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