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To Live Longer, Feel Younger!

When thinking about age, it can be easy to get lost in the numbers. But the words “old” and “young” are simply relative! You can be an old 65 or a young 95; when it comes to successful aging, it’s important to remind ourselves that numerical age can vary widely between individuals.

Studies have shown that people who feel younger than their age live happier and may actually live longer than those who accurately sense their age and those who feel older than their years. Researchers believe the following factors may contribute to the longevity of those who feel young:

  • People who feel younger likely model good health behaviors – staying active, maintaining a healthy weight, following medical advice, and choosing healthy foods.
  • People who feel younger often demonstrate greater resilience; they are more easily able to recover quickly from life difficulties.
  • People who feel younger tend to have a sense of mastery or control over their own life, giving them a general sense of purpose.
  • People who feel younger are more likely to live amongst those who are younger, providing them with opportunities for ongoing learning, socialization, and variable interests.

The bottom line? Be bold! You can find joy at every age. Always determine what’s best for you and remember that at Acacia Creek, we are redefining what it means to age.


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