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Living with Passion

There is no right or wrong way to live your life; however, living a life filled with passion – one in which you aim to be consistently excited and inspired – is a great way to age successfully.  Living with passion stimulates your senses and allows you to experience your surroundings in a vibrant way

If you’d like to invigorate your life by introducing more passion, here are some steps for getting started!

  1. Take time to rediscover what excites you.

Your passion keeps your heart beating. It gives you room to breath and space to relax — it is truly an inspiring gift to your soul!

When you reflect upon your childhood, you may remember quite vividly what you were passionate about. You remember spending hours pursuing your favorite passions without feeling lonely, and you may recall the accomplishments you proudly achieved. As an adult, sometimes life’s responsibilities can feel overwhelming. But no matter how busy you are, it is important to find an interest outside of your work or family obligations to continue your own self-development. To succeed, it is essential to identify your passion and to make time for it. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to turn your passion into a career!

  1. Allow yourself to obsess.

You see the world through your passion — this is the only way you can live and the only way for you to really enjoy life.

Once you’ve discovered your passion, it’s time to give it your all. Get to know it inside and out, and allow it to become a part of your identity. Your passion will give you a sense of pride when you talk about it, helping boost your self-image, confidence, and self-esteem. Even if you start out as an amateur or beginner, you can endeavor to become an expert. You can live and breathe your passion. It will become magical when you bump into someone who is as passionate about the same thing as you are. Your eyes will light up when you talk about your passion. You will feel energetic and enthusiastic.

  1. Be open-minded and curious.

You love meeting new interesting people who live with passion and are curious to learn more. The world contains limitless opportunities and the path of discovery just never ends.

Live your life with your mind and arms open, being receptive to new opportunities – especially in your field of passion. Be open-minded, seeking to listen and understand, rather than judge. By being open to new perspectives, you will learn more and experience more. You will learn to view life and events from many different angles, increasing your understanding of the world and allowing yourself to find beauty in new things. Your inspiration for your own passion will be fueled by your curiosity. Your creativity will be driven by your desire to learn.

  1. Be spontaneous

Jumping out of your comfort zone gives you an adrenaline rush. Knowing that you have the flexibility and freedom to choose your own destiny gives you comfort.

To approach life planning as a passionate person, involves combining strategic, thoughtful processes with room for flexibility. You leave yourself the ability to assess the effectiveness of your approach, and to pivot in a new direction, when needed. You are willing to say yes to spontaneous opportunities presented to you. You are not scared to commit to a decision made on the spur of the moment. In fact, it excites you to jump right into a new endeavor and see where it takes you. Life is fun. Why not embrace it and be a little unpredictable?

  1. Be inspiring

As Pablo Picasso wrote, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

The only way for your passion to be truly fulfilled is by using it to inspire others. Just as your passion gives your life purpose and meaning, telling your life’s story or showcasing your creativity to the world passes on your passion and inspires others. By sharing your gifts and experiences, you inspire others to feel better about life and themselves. You encourage people who encounter you to do more, be more, and achieve more. It is difficult to lead a rewarding life while feeling uninspired and hopeless. As someone who finds happiness and joy by living with passion, you can help others through difficult times by encouraging them to find joy in their lives.


 At Acacia Creek, a Certified Center for Successful Aging, residents and staff are encouraged to create and lead new programs that share their talents and interests with the community. Our mission as a senior community is to enrich the independence, well-being, and security of our residents through exceptional services and care based on Masonic values. View our current newsletter, calendar, and journal to learn more about Acacia Creek news and events.

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