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Exercise with a Buddy Is Better!

If you’ve ever had an exercise buddy, you’ve probably noticed that staying motivated to work out is much easier when someone is encouraging to push forward. We tend to exert ourselves more and do a greater variety of exercises than when we’re on our own. It’s also more fun to have someone there to talk to and exchange exercise tips with!

At Acacia Creek, a Certified Center for Successful Aging, and retirement community, residents and staff focus on achieving optimal health by growing the whole person – intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually. Working out with a partner touches upon all four of these successful aging components, benefitting both a fit body and a healthy mind.

It’s difficult to be motivated to exercise alone. When you have a partner or are part of a group, it’s much easier. You have camaraderie and it becomes competitive in a fun way as you start working out more.

Here are five great reasons to exercise with a buddy:

  1. Stick to a schedule: You’re more likely to make it to the gym if someone is counting on you to be there. Create a plan and pledge to stick to it.
  2. Set goals together: Articulate your goals with your workout buddy, and understand theirs. Check in occasionally on progress.
  3. Share tips: By working out with a buddy, you can get new ideas about stretches, how to use equipment, post workout snacks, and more.
  4. Stay safe: Working out with a buddy helps ensure that they can summon assistance if you happen to injure yourself.
  5. Celebrate successes: Whether you’ve reached a goal or your buddy has, success is something to celebrate! Find fun ways to recognize progress.

If you don’t have a workout buddy in mind, consider one of Acacia Creek’s many exercise programs to give working out with others a chance. From water aerobics to balance classes and muscle maintenance, Acacia Creek has a wealth of options to explore!


Acacia Creek Retirement Community inspires residents to live an active, meaningful life. Our mission as a senior community is to enrich the independence, well-being, and security of our residents through exceptional services and care based on Masonic values.

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