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Living It Fully: Acacia Creek Retirement Community Wins Two “Living It” Awards!

The Acacia Creek Retirement Community, a vibrant independent living community with a strong culture of Successful Aging, has just won two “Living It” Awards from Masterpiece Living (MPL), an organization known for its successful aging initiatives. Acacia Creek’s integrative approach to aging well earned it MPL’s “Center for Successful Aging” certification in 2016, and now it has won the “Living It Community Award” and the “Living It Physical Award” as well.

With over 80 Senior Living communities in this year’s Masterpiece Living It challenge, Acacia Creek was one of only five award winners around the country, and one of just two communities to win two awards. The “Living It” campaign is based on physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual wellness, and it asks senior living communities to share what they are doing in these areas to enhance daily life. The challenge also encourages people to do things outside of their comfort zone, whether that means trying a new activity, preparing an unfamiliar cuisine, or going somewhere new. “This campaign encourages people to take on a new mindset, and trying new things will become a way of life rather than a one month campaign,” says Neal Miller, Managing Director of Operations for MPL. It is MPL’s belief that immersion in novelty leads to personal and community empowerment, and Acacia Creek exemplifies this.

With its focus on community programs and events, Acacia Creek took home the “Living It Community Award” for its Chinese New Year celebration. The celebration entailed a month of celebratory food and art, including a Chinese dance performance, a resident’s presentation on growing up in San Francisco’s Chinatown, a display of residents’ cultural artifacts, and the community coming together to make such desserts such as Tang Yuan, a celebratory food that represents union.

Acacia Creek also took home the “Living It Physical Award,” an award that recognizes the importance of staying physically active. Known for its focus on providing stellar opportunities for residents to stay physically active, Acacia Creek’s offering of ping pong earned it this year’s award. Along with being a good workout, residents who play ping pong tap into their muscle memory to revisit movements they have done in the past. Congratulations, Acacia Creek, on leading the way in living life fully!


About Acacia Creek

Acacia Creek is an award-winning community that believes in living well at every age. Serving the Tri City community and beyond since 2010, it shares over 300 acres with the Masonic Home at Union City, and is open to both Masons and non-members. Designated as the only Senior Living Community in Northern CA to hold the Center for Successful Aging certification and a recipient of the Best in Senior Living Award, Acacia Creek provides state-of-the-art amenities, resident-led wellness programs and events that inspire residents to live their lives fully and meaningfully.

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