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Living Beyond Our Comfort Zones

Each of us has unique comfort zones – places or situations that make us feel safe, at ease, and stress-free. It can be tempting to live within these comfort zones; to avoid challenging ourselves. If we choose to do this for too long though, we lose the ability to learn and improve. We may not even realize that we are slowly declining.

Each of us, through our actions and attitudes, has the capacity to grow and change through our experiences. It is only we push ourselves to try new things and to think in new ways, that we begin living to our full potential. After all, did you ever accomplish something that you were really proud of when you were in “autopilot mode”?

Part of successful aging is believing that we are capable of growth and change at every phase of life. We are all aging, but how we age is determined by our actions and attitudes. And, we are capable of spreading successful aging to our friends, neighbors, and loved ones by keeping ourselves to be open to new experiences. When people in our lives see how we improve by trying something new, they are often inspired to grow and change, too.

Embracing successful aging begins with a purposeful, positive attitude. Starting each day by reflecting upon things we are grateful for, and defining our purpose, can keep us feeling fresh and vital. As Henry Ford once said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

We are capable of change and growth in all areas of our lives, as long as our actions match our intent. When we accept that there is more for us to experience and learn, we become open to lifelong learning and growth.

I encourage you to start each day with two questions: “What am I grateful for today?” and “What purpose do I have today?”

May you live each day with passion and find joy.

— Penny Vittoria, Successful Aging Coach

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