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Age Is a Mindset

If you’re wondering whether you are too old to start an exercise program, the answer is: Absolutely not! It’s never too late to begin exercising.


Regular physical activity is an essential component of healthy aging. Studies have shown that even if you’ve been inactive throughout your life, you can still benefit from a moderate exercise program as an older adult. Seniors who perform moderate physical activities on a daily basis experience lower overall mortality rates and lower rates of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, some cancers, and depression.


Despite the benefits of exercise, only 11 percent of older adults engage in it – and this percentage is even lower for those living with disabilities. Avoiding exercise can lead to a number of setbacks. Without it, older adults are more likely to lose their ability to perform normal daily tasks. This makes them more hesitant to begin an exercise program because they are afraid of getting hurt. And, as their mobility worsens, they interpret declining physical ability as a part of aging. It is a downward spiral that many Acacia Creek residents are actively working to overcome.


Acacia Creek resident Andrea Shield was a devoted skier and active all her life. Yet as she grew older, her interest in exercise waned. And while her husband was alive, he would pick up her walker and place it in the car for her. After his passing, however, she was determined to be able to rely upon herself.


“I didn’t want to depend on other people,” she explains. Andrea began working out, placing special focus on her arms. Soon she could lift her walker on her own.


“Sticking with exercise is a mindset,” Andrea says. “You have to convince yourself of its merits.” Now more than 90 years old, Andrea believes that she looks, moves, and feels better than she did in her 80s. Others have noticed – and it motivates her to keep going. She enjoys Acacia Creek’s community atmosphere, state-of-the-art gym, and variety of fitness classes. In addition to working out, she takes advantage of a great opportunity for socialization.


Acacia Creek offers a variety of fitness classes that have helped Andrea and other residents build strength, develop friendships, and achieve greater independence. View all available classes in our monthly campus newsletter and calendar.


By Yanasa Grubbs, Health Fitness Specialist

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