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Make Time for Yourself

Sometimes our busy lives can leave us feeling like hamsters spinning on a wheel with the same responsibilities and tasks week in and week out. We may think about creating more time for ourselves, but with all our responsibilities, our schedules are packed full; it’s already difficult to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

Most people can relate to feeling “too busy.” This sentiment is all too common! But recently, I listened to a podcast that encouraged me to take a new point of view. The host argued that carving time out for ourselves – even when doing so involves a little procrastination – can actually be good for creativity.

The deadlines we create for ourselves, like doing the dishes right after dinner, can hinder us from enjoying life, and hold more flexibility than we often let ourselves consider. For example, if we hold off on doing the dishes for an hour, we can find time to take a sunset walk or spend some time in nature. Doing so can benefit us creatively, and may even energize us, helping speed our cleanup process when we get home.

One of the key components of successful aging is meaningful purpose. And, just like physical, social, and intellectual wellness, being purposeful takes, well, purpose! When we force ourselves to take a look at our schedule and create time for ourselves, we can create new adventures, discover what is truly meaningful to us, and enjoy more rewarding and healthy lives.


— By Penny Vittoria, Successful Aging Coach

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