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Success by the Numbers

If you’re searching for the best retirement community for yourself or a loved one, it can be hard to evaluate how the options stack up.

At Acacia Creek, a Certified Center for Successful Aging, we tell prospective residents that they’ll feel it – the Acacia Creek difference, that is. There’s a palpable energy here on campus – from our friendly engaged residents, to our devoted team members and staff.

And, when it comes to showcasing successful aging, our numbers prove it!*


98% of Acacia Creek residents are confident in their ability to enhance their physical health on campus.

97% of Acacia Creek residents are satisfied with their overall Acacia Creek experience – including happiness and connection to the community.

85% of Acacia Creek residents rarely feel lonely. More than 70% socialize with friends every day.

77% of Acacia Creek residents use computers frequently.

77% of Acacia Creek female residents strength-train frequently – compared to just 11% of female adults over age 75.

70% of Acacia Creek residents participate in group intellectual pursuits on a regular basis.

65% of Acacia Creek residents volunteer for meaningful causes – 43% more than typical Californians aged 75 or older.


There are only 16 Certified Centers for Successful Aging nationwide. Acaica Creek is the only one in Northern California!


* All data collected from 2017 Acacia Creek resident survey.


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