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Finding Success at Every Age!

Residents at Acacia Creek are remarkable. So much so that their efforts and lifestyle have been recognized as a Certified Center for Successful Aging — the only one in Northern California.


Acacia Creek residents are social.  More than 80% rarely feel lonely and more than 70% socialize with friends every day. In addition to mental health benefits, regular social contact can lengthen lifespan.


Acacia Creek residents stay challenged more than peers in similar communities. More than 70% participate in group intellectual pursuits. More than 77% use computers frequently — compared to 60% of their peers.


Acacia Creek residents have a sense of purpose — a trait that has been shown to reduce the risk of memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. More than 65% volunteer for meaningful causes, compared to just 22% of Californians aged 75 and older.


Acacia Creek residents are strong. And getting stronger! More than 39% of women at Acacia Creek strength-train on a regular basis, significantly higher than 11% in the general public.

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